In order to achieve the goal of a collaborative approach to biodiversity restoration in Taranaki, Wild for Taranaki are currently working on coordinating two projects: Tracking Fur Babies, and the Restore Taranaki Project. Read on to find out more.

Tracking Fur Babies

Tracking fur babies will track domestic cat movements around the region, in order to better understand and raise awareness of their impacts on native wildlife.

Restoration Planting Guides

These are a guide to enable landowners, community groups and practitioners to restore ecosystems by planting native species.  

The set of five for our region were started as a Taranaki Tree Trust project which is being completed by Wild for Taranaki.  Three have been completed; North Taranaki, Egmont and Matemateaonga.  Foxton will be available in January and Manawatu Plains by July.  We need to show thumbnails of the covers.      

They are available electronically and in hard copy free from us.