Tracking Fur Babies

Do you know what your cat gets up to while you are away or asleep??

We aim to track local cats to see where they are travelling to, and how far they get without our knowledge. The results from this investigation will help to inform future management decisions and to raise awareness of the impacts of cats on native wildlife.

New Zealand native ecosystems are under attack by many predators including cats. For those who live close to areas like this including the national park, coastal dunes, native reserves, and wetlands, it is likely that their cats are prowling these areas for food.

Wild for Taranaki is undertaking this project in partnership with the MAIN Trust, and New Plymouth Vet Group, working with local Taranaki Schools – Highlands Intermediate, Central School, and Makahu School. We are proud to be recipients of funding from Curious Minds for this project. Curious minds is a government initiative to support and encourage science and technology throughout New Zealand. It provides funding for projects that work with communities, businesses and education.

How does it work?

Cats that are volunteered and selected to participate will have a harness and GPS put on them. Initially the harness will be put on the cat to allow for them to acclimatise. If the cat at any stage becomes stressed, agitated or unwilling to have the harness on then it will be removed. After 2 days the GPS will automatically turn on and start recording the movements for 7 days. Once the cat has been tracked for a week the GPS will be collected and the data sent of to our expert for cleaning and added to a database.

Can I volunteer my cat?

Yes you can! First, you need to complete the online survey and consent form to register your cat’s details via the link – ‘volunteer my cat’ below. For more information, download the information form via the button below, or contact us.

How did it come about?

The project is based on a similar study that was completed in Wellington. You can find out all about it by watching the video below!