Community Biodiversity fund

The Community Biodiversity Fund is an annual round of grants available to all individuals, organizations and groups who are working towards protecting and restoring the Taranaki region. Wild for Taranaki are working hard to grow this fund, so it will become a reliable and sustainable source of income for biodiversity work across the region for years to come.

Wild for Taranaki will consider funding projects which support the following outcomes:

  1. Secure populations of Threatened, At-risk or Regionally distinctive species
  2. Protect habitat of Threatened, At risk or Regionally distinctive species
  3. Maintain the extent of rare and threatened ecosystems and environments, and projects which
  4. Support Kaitiakitanga to help restore the health of Papatuanuku
  5. Value nature i.e. environmental education and advocacy

Our funding round is closed for this year but opens again in March 2018. If you have an idea for a project, get in touch with us to talk it through – we are here to help!

Patea Planting Trust, one of our 2016 Community Biodiversity Fund grant recipients.