Restore Taranaki

Working towards a pest-free Taranaki by 2050

Restore Taranaki is a community driven, collaborative initiative that seeks to protect and enhance native biodiversity in a range of ecosystems, linking existing initiatives, and connecting with local people and communities across the entire region.

The initiative, planned to be launched by Wild for Taranaki in 2018, seeks to create a new normal for the people of our region through:

  • Working with the community towards the removal of animal and plant pests as key ecosystem threats and providing a safe environment for native species,
  • Promoting best practice, exploring new technologies, testing different methods,
  • Actively building new partnerships in all corners of our community,
  • Attracting new resources and funds to support the region wide effort,
  • Supporting Wild for Taranaki members to sustain and grow their biodiversity projects; encouraging learning, sharing, and collaboration,
  • Nurturing the creation of new care groups and bringing biodiversity back to backyards,
  • Encouraging strategic coordination of education, advocacy and volunteers.

Restore Taranaki rests on a strong foundation of existing initiatives and a commitment to work together through Wild for Taranaki. This has been mandated by the Regional Biodiversity Forums, the 2012 signing of the Taranaki Biodiversity Forum Accord, and the 2015 formation of the Taranaki Biodiversity Trust. Wild for Taranaki has a strong and growing membership and friend base, bringing together agencies, iwi, research providers, support services, primary sector and community groups, all working towards the common goal of restoring the Taranaki environment.

Initiative goals

Mobilise and support the Taranaki community to take action

Restore the sound and movement of our native wildlife

Restore the cloak of Taranaki

Restore the coastal marine area of Taranaki

Restore the freshwater of Taranaki