Goal 3

Restore the Cloak of Taranaki

The third goal is to restore the cloak or kakahu of Taranaki. To weave it back together and reconnect
the hinterland with the ring plain, from the mountain to the sea. The native vegetation cover is a vital habitat

for our native plants and animals and helps to sustain healthy functioning ecosystems.

It also provides essential ecosystem services like purifying our air and water, as well as the prevention of erosion. Above all, it will contribute to protecting our own distinctive indigenous biological heritage which is highly valued by the people of Taranaki, all New Zealanders, and appreciated by visitors from around the world.

The coastal environment of Taranaki is a rich recreational, cultural, and ecologically diverse landscape with 295 kilometres of coastline of steep cli s, rocky shores and sandy beaches, subtidal reefs, river mouths and estuaries.

With an important shery to support, countless marine wildlife species and a marine mammal sanctuary, Taranaki cannot let the unrelenting degradation of
the coastal marine areas continue.